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We Stock What Others Don't

Our Accessories

Hardscape & Landscape Accessories

Trenton Block carries a wide range of accessories that will enhance the quality and efficiency of your hardscaping project.

Easy Applications

  • Maintenance Strips
  • Aggregate (3/4 stone – sand)
  • Walkway
  • Brick Pavers
  • Permeable Pavement

BEAST Paver Edging

Plastic Paver Edging

We carry two types of plastic edge restraint. A high-quality edge restraint is an essential part of any proper hardscape installation

  • Dimex Low Profile Flexible Edging – A high-quality edging system that is 7.5 feet in length per strip and 1.25 inches in height
  • BEAST Edging – This edging style comes in 8 ft. long by 1.75 inches high sections. BEAST edging comes rigid, but sections can be easily cut out to make it flexible

Polymeric Sand being installed in a Devonstone Application

Polymeric Joint Sand

Polymeric Sand greatly improves interlock in paver walkways, patios and driveways. Trenton Block stocks these brands of polymeric sand

  • Alliance Polymeric Sand – Alliance offers a high quality polymeric sand at an affordable price. This brand offers a finer grade of joint sand that is perfect for paver installations with tighter joints. Trenton Block’s Alliance Sand can easily fill joints up to 1 inch
  • Alliance Gator Dust – for natural stone and wider joints
  • Techniseal Polymeric Sand – We also carry Techniseal brand joint sand. This material features a slightly larger grade sand that works well with wider joints. Techniseal is available in Regular Grade (RG) or High Performance Grade (HP). HP is perfect for applications such as Bluestone or EP Henry’s Devonstone line.
  • SEK-Surebond PolySweep Polymeric Sand – Superior & Long Lasting Cohesive Strength; Fast Set Up, 60 Minutes or Less

Permaloc’s Cleanline Aluminum Landscape Edging

Permaloc Aluminum Edging

  • Leading manufacturer of high performance landscape edging and restraint systems
  • Well known for making application-driven, performance-based products that provide fast and easy installation
  • Offers products for everything including landscape beds, maintenance strips, paver and brick walkways, permeable pavement, asphalt, sports surfaces and green root
  • Cost effective alternative to plastic edging

Woven Geo Textile Fabric Installed Where a Patio Will Be

Geo-textile, Geo-Grid, and Landscape Fabric

  • Trenton Block carries several different-size rolls of woven geo-textile paver underlayment, non-woven drainage fabric, and economically priced landscape fabric
  • An essential component in creating a stable and proper paver base as well as retaining walls structurally sound
  • Geo-textile available in 4 x 100 ft. rolls and large 12.5 x 432 ft. rolls
  • Geo-grid available in 4 x 45 ft. rolls and 4 x 50 ft. rolls
  • Landscape fabric is solid in 4 x 100 ft. rolls

Walkway Enhanced with a Wet Look Sealer

Paver Cleaners and Sealers

Trenton Block stocks a full line of paver cleaners and sealers. Help to enhance and protect your patio, walkway or driveway with these products

  • Efflorescence Cleaner – Prepares pavers prior to a protector or sealer application. Also, helps to brighten up paver colors and dislodge ground-in dirt.
  • Dirt and Grease Cleaner – This product helps dissolve, dislodge, and encapsulate grease from cooking or other spills.
  • Natural Look Sealers – Natural look sealers will protect against oil, water, and dirt without changing the appearance of the pavers.
  • Wet Look Sealers – Wet look sealers are available in either a shiny satin finish or a wet matte finish. Both finishes will enance the original color of the pavers.